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Diplomat's Saga: Back to Baljir

From DiploWiki


Title: Diplomat's Saga: Back to Baljir
Start NPC:
Name: Kajen Shandar
Town: Ahgram
Region: Ahgram
Continent: Qalia
/loc: -82650, -1200, 3570
outside Sultan's Palace
Diplomacy Needed: 19
Faction Needed: None
Presence Needed: None
Reward: All of the following:
Experience Gain:
Experience gain:
Faction Changes: None
Repeatable: No
Previous Quest: Diplomat's Saga: Mercenary Hunt
Next Quest: Diplomat's Saga: Baljir's Last Resort


Game Description

Keep Kajen's scimitar at the ready. Head to Hathor Zhi and meet with Kajen's dark elf contact. Use the contact's information to find Baljir. Search the area where Baljir is for any evidence he might have left behind as well.

  • Meet Kajen's Contact
  • Hunt Down Baljir
  • Recover Any Evidence of Baljir's Activities


  1. Speak with Kajen Shandar to obtain the quest.
  2. Travel to Hathor Zhi and find Kajen's Contact, Dannroth Kallto, at the location marked in your journal. Wield the Royal Straight-Bladed Scimitar and Interview Dannroth Kallto about "Back to Baljir". The parley will not begin automatically, but it will not be available unless you are holding the scimitar.
  3. Be prepared to parley. Enter the canyon next to Dannroth and stick to the left to reach Evendusk Fortress. Farad Baljir and Dominia Akand are outside behind the fortress, opposite of the entrance. As you approach them, an Interview will begin automatically with Dominia Akand as long as you still have the scimitar wielded.
  4. After you win the parley and Baljir flees, recover the evidence by right-clicking on Baljir's Book. It should be found on the ground where he was standing.
  5. Return to Kajen Shandar to complete the quest.


Quest Offering

Kajen Shandar says, "You were excellent in getting your attacker to provide the current location of Baljir and Dominia. It is time for you to take a trip to Hathor Zhi. I have a contact there I want you to meet."


Dannroth Kallto

You nod to Dannroth. "You're the contact Kajen wanted me to meet?"

He looks at you askew. "Hmm. You're (your name)?"

You nod again. "That's me. I was told you'd have information on Farad Baljir."

Dannroth looks leery. "I do, but I have a feeling I've been watched."

You frown a little. "Be careful. I've already run into some of Dominia's goons. You can probably find a safe place to lay low once I make my move, though."

Dannroth sighs a little. "Yes, I suppose so."

"So, about the information," you prod.

"Right. Well, it seems Baljir is here doing some frightening research. I don't have all the details, but if what I've heard is any indication, there is serious trouble on the horizon," Dannroth begins.

"He's obsessed with learning all he can about the elementals. I don't know what he's planning to do with them, but it can't be good. You should find him southeast of here, at the outpost near the fire elemental creatures."

You nod. "Thank you. I appreciate it. I'll take it from here."

Dannroth smiles a little. "Good luck. Here, I'll mark it on your map."

Dominia Akand

Dominia turns as you approach, hands on the hilts of her weapons. "Baljir!" she calls over her shoulder at the retreating mage. "I'm not done talking to you. But it looks like it will have to wait since (your name) decided to show up!"

"Thank you for the warm welcome," you say sarcastically, reading your scimitar just in case. "Step aside, Dominia. I have business with Baljir."

She laughs at you. "Oh no, I'm not letting you get away with this. This isn't even about Baljir anymore, this is personal. You've made a mockery of my people. You've made a mockery of me."

You frown at her. "You brought this upon yourself. Why would you protect someone like Baljir? Do you even know what he's planning?"

Dominia draws out her swords while glowering at you. "I'll deal with Baljir in a minute. I'm not done questioning him. But you and I have some unfinished business."

You take a step back. "So you finally get to it." You jab a finger in the air at her accusingly. "You know what he's planning to do to Ahgram. You know that he plans to use the elemental forces destroying Qalia for his own selfish gain."

Dominia points one of her blades at you. "Will you shut your mouth? I can't believe a fool like you managed to beat Lucy."

You unsheath the scimitar given to you and hold a defensive position. "And I can't believe you work with someone that unstable. I'm going to ask you to stand aside or surrender, Dominia. I would not make things worse for you in Ahgram than they already are."

Dominia lunges forward, spinning her dual blades around as you quickly parry each blow. You leap backwards swearing as she continues to advance, laughing.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson," Dominia says with an unfriendly smile. "You don't get in our way."

You shake your head. "Hold it! You still don't realize you're just a pawn in all of this? This is what Baljir wants!"

Dominia looks amused. "Of course he wants me to stop you. That's what we were paid for."

You frown at her. "That's not what I mean, you idiot!"

Dominia's eyes narrow dangerously. "I've had it with your little mouth."

You point behind her. "I mean Baljir is escaping. You're letting him go!"

Dominia swears loudly and spins around.

Baljir's Book

You find a journal that Farad Baljir left behind. It reveals some disturbing information regarding his plans to use elementals to oust the Sultan and gain prestige and power in Ahgram by being the one to "hold back" the threat. It appears Baljir will use sorcery to increase their power temporarily, while using the spells he learned during his research to stop them himself.

Quest Completion

Kajen listens carefully to your report. "I see," he finally says. "You did your best, but Dominia got in the way again. There is no way Baljir is still in Hathor Zhi. We'll have to track him again."

Kajen hands you your reward with a nod. "He's getting desperate, I can feel it. Soon, this will all be over."


Dannroth Kallto

Name: Dannroth Kallto Level: 18 Station:
Title: Back to Baljir Conversation: Interview Image:InterviewIcon2.jpg Presence Needed:
Cards Played:
Aggressive Statement Clouded Judgement Elven Supremacy Good Point Greener Pastures
Note: There is no skill or presence requirement for this parley.

Dominia Akand

Name: Dominia Akand Level: Station:
Title: Unknown Conversation: Interview Image:InterviewIcon2.jpg Presence Needed:
Cards Played:
Get Results Greener Pastures Keen Remark Lay Blame Not A Joke
Note: As this parley begins immediately when you approach, the station, presence, skill and title are unknown.

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