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Diplomat's Saga: Developments

From DiploWiki


Title: Diplomat's Saga: Developments
Start NPC:
Name: Kajen Shandar
Town: Ahgram
Region: Ahgram
Continent: Qalia
/loc: -82650, -1200, 3570
outside Sultan's Palace
Diplomacy Needed: 17
Faction Needed: None
Presence Needed: None
Reward: All of the following:
Experience Gain:
Experience gain:
Faction Changes: None
Repeatable: No
Previous Quest: Diplomat's Saga: Baljir's Unfortunate Actions
Next Quest: Diplomat's Saga: Defense/Offense


Game Description

Head to the Blood Sun Inn and search for a clue to Fadar Baljir's whereabouts. Search the Inn and just outside for any suspicious individuals. Return to Kajen in Ahgram when finished.

  • Find a Clue on the Location of Baljir


  1. Speak with Kajen Shandar to obtain the quest.
  2. Be prepared to parley. Travel to the Blood Sun Inn (marked in your journal) at -86635, -1845, 3570 in Ahgram. As you approach, Nim will spawn and engage you in conversation without having time for you to prepare your statements.
  3. Return to Kajen Shandar to complete the quest.


Quest Offering

Kajen says, "(Your name), I've seen enough. The Sultan wants Fadar Baljir brought in for interrogation. But he apparently has slipped away. No one has seen him for a few days. This is unfortunate; I should have been more vigilant." Kajen frowns to himself.

"No matter. I can trust you to find him. He was last seen at the Blood Sun Inn. I'd like you to take a look around."



"Well there, looks like it is Ashjete come to pay me a visit," you hear someone say in a raspy but amused voice.

You turn around and spot a robed goblin looking you over. You frown slightly. "Who are you and what do you want?"

"I'm Nim, and I'm here to prevent you from bothering Baljir," the goblin says, making a sharp gesture with his hands.

Suddenly, you find yourself unable to move. You seem to be trapped in some sort of spell. "What is the meaning of this? You are making a serious mistake!"

"Settle down while I finish my spell," Nim says with a grin. "Consider it a warning. It'll teach you not to meddle."

"So, you're protecting Baljir? You must be one of his hired goons." You try to keep the goblin talking while with all your willpower you attempt to escape the spell.

"Stop squirming. This will be over soon," he says, apparently ignoring you.

"Why are you helping him? He is incredibly dangerous. And he is wanted for treason against Ahgram!" you manage, summoning all your might and will to break free of the spell slowly and surely."

"I heard you. He also pays incredible well, and is incredibly fun to work for," the goblin says, slightly annoyed.

"I'm sure he is. Until he's finished with you. Then he'll take care of you like he has the rest of his employees," you lie.

Nim seems distracted. "Eh? What are you talking about?"

It seems the mage bought it. You expound upon the lie. "That's partly what he's wanted for. We found the bodies of his previous servants and bodyguards. All had the life sucked from them via necromantic magic."

Nim frowns. "Uh, wait... are you serious?"

You sense that Nim's distraction is weakening his binding spell. You can now wiggle your fingers.

"Does that really surprise you? The man is a politician, an expert manipulator. A nobleman who got to the top through guile and charisma, not brute force," you continue.

Nim hesitates. "Well, yes, but I don't think he'd do something like that. He can't get that past me, and especially not Dominia."

The mage is completely distracted. You manage to jerk forward, as if moving in molasses, and then suddenly the spell's strength dissipates. Nim curses.

"Damn you! Nice try, (your name), but next time we won't be so nice."

He casts a spell and disappears from sight, but it leaves you to wonder who this Dominia is. It may provide a clue in finding Baljir.

Quest Completion

Kajen looks concerned. "I heard about the disturbance down at the Blood Sun Inn. I am glad to see you are unharmed. It looks like Baljir has chosen to do this the hard way. Does he not realize he is simply delaying the inevitable?"

You fill Kajen in on the details, and he thanks you again.

"You might want to take a rest while I think of the next move. In the meantime, the Sultan wanted you to have this coin and these fine silk garments as a way of saying thank you."



Name: Nim Level: Station:
Title: Conversation: Interview Image:InterviewIcon2.jpg Presence Needed:
Cards Played:
Agree to Disagree Goblin Gabble Keen Remark Maze of Logic Nim's Quip Twist of Wisdom Ultimatum Card of Word Trap
Note: This parley does not have a station or presence requirement. Skill and title are unknown as parley engages automatically.

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